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FeaturesAll the tools you need to optimize your TV campaigns

Actionable Analysis

Super Accurate Measurement

Flexible Campaigns

Actionable analytics at your fingertips

Data is only as good as what you get out of it. We built this tool to give you exactly the insights you need to make decisions about your campaigns, based on our own experience running successful performance TV campaigns for digital businesses all over the world.

Super accurate tracking and measurement

Our algorithm compares airing times to traffic and user behavior on your site or app to measure TV impact precisely, down to individual spots. We’ve built, tested, and improved this algorithm again and again to give you the most accurate results possible. Our work is never done!

Your campaign, your KPIs, any time, anywhere

You and your growth should be in the focus of any technology you use. With DC Analytics, we want to give you as much flexibility as possible to track and optimize your campaigns, no matter where they’re running and what they look like.

  • Track traffic on websites, mobile sites, apps – anywhere you have users.
  • Measure any conversions, whether it’s just a download or a 5-step shopping process.
  • Have data from sources like brick-and-mortar shop visits or phone calls? We can handle that too.
  • Run campaigns across time zones and regions or in parallel – it's all measurable.
  • Going international? We give you comparable analytics across countries.