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Get more out of your TV marketing budgets

Track and optimize your campaigns based on ROI with DC Analytics.

TV doesn’t have to be a black box for budgets! With our technology that correlates spot data from TV networks to traffic on your web or mobile presence, you can measure how individual spots and media placements affect your ROI.

TV attribution gives you meaningful, actionable data. Know exactly which spot airings are bringing you the most new users, track immediate and long-term conversions and find out which media buys are really paying off.

We built it this way because we know TV media, and we understand digital businesses. DC Analytics is developed by DCMN, based on firsthand experience helping 170+ digital brands scale with thousands of TV campaigns in more than 30 countries around the globe.

DC Analytics gives you the tools to optimize your TV media spend based on ROI.

Actionable Analysis

Meaningful data is what it’s all about. Get multiple layers of analysis to optimize campaigns on the most important TV media vectors: weekday, daypart, channel, spot airing, flight and creative.

Battle-tested Methodology

Robust, rigorously tested algorithm that accurately filters and measures traffic and conversions resulting directly from individual TV spots.

Built by TV Experts

After scaling 170 + businesses with thousands of TV campaigns across the globe, we know what kind of insights you need to make your campaigns perform. Let us prove it to you!

Getting Started Is Simple

1. Sign up for the tool
2. Integrate tracking code
3. Upload TV schedules
4. Get insights you can use